Marco Devon Photography

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Marco Devon is a great photographer with a stylistic and artistic style. He does wedding and portrait photography and always endeavors to create his own unique form of photography.

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Camera Service

1st aid Repairs (UK Camera Repair)

Repair Lens fungus / General servicing.

I have dealt with this company a lot after the majority of my lenses became infected with fungus.(Partly due to buying some second hand lenses that were already infected, along with a stay in Myanmar and Vietnam, which tend to be very humid and encourage mould/ fungus). They are based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent but offer a postal repair and quotation service.

Very few people have the expertise or are available to do this cleaning/  repairs. (Fixation UK are another company that do) The Nikon centre that I tried in Malaysia was unable to repair the lenses.

After getting quotes from various companies, I have found their prices to be competitive, along with great customer service. The website doesn’t look too good, but the service has been great.

1st aid repairs.



Kate Beaumont’s Bespoke wedding dresses.

The pics used were from Miriam and Tom’s wedding in Wales.

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